Project 365-Pictures!!!!

I am going to participate in another Project 365. I usually blog on my Wordpress site, but I wanted to become familiar with Blogger. You can find my other ramblings at I am just doing pictures here.

I decided to do the 365 pictures because I am already doing a picture a day of Roz for her first year, so I thought I might try this as well. I am looking for things that will help pull my creativity out of the slumps and this is the year to do it!

Warning: My pictures will not be professional. They will probably not be as great as those that are taken with a fancy/nice camera. I do not have one of those. I will be taking pictures with my phone. I am doing it for the fun of taking a picure a day and connecting with a community of picture takers. If you don't want to see pictures from my phone...well then don't look! I will try to make the pictures interesting and fun!

Let's see what fun things I can come up with! I hope to get some smiles/laughs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calming The Storm

I was trying to read and study yesterday.
I wasn't getting much accomplished because the baby was VERY fussy.
The Snickers and the picture were brought back to me from a trip to the store.
Very fitting for the type of day I was having!


  1. I love that sign :O) It's perfect!! A yummy snickers and kindle minus the fussy baby sounds like a great time :O) Thanks for linking up! I look forward to following you this year :O)

  2. Thanks Courtney! I am really enjoying your pictures! They are amazing!