Project 365-Pictures!!!!

I am going to participate in another Project 365. I usually blog on my Wordpress site, but I wanted to become familiar with Blogger. You can find my other ramblings at I am just doing pictures here.

I decided to do the 365 pictures because I am already doing a picture a day of Roz for her first year, so I thought I might try this as well. I am looking for things that will help pull my creativity out of the slumps and this is the year to do it!

Warning: My pictures will not be professional. They will probably not be as great as those that are taken with a fancy/nice camera. I do not have one of those. I will be taking pictures with my phone. I am doing it for the fun of taking a picure a day and connecting with a community of picture takers. If you don't want to see pictures from my phone...well then don't look! I will try to make the pictures interesting and fun!

Let's see what fun things I can come up with! I hope to get some smiles/laughs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding Peace

I think my main theme for this year is finding peace.
Everything I have been reading and learning hovers around that.
I just read a short book called, "A Pebble For Your Pocket" by Thich Nhat Hahn
This picture reminds me of that story.
Here's one way to find a little bit more peace in your day.
Find a small pebble or other object that can fit in your pocket.
(I am using my bracelet today as I have no pockets)
Use that object as a reminder.
Let it remind you to:
Be Present

How about you?  What will be your object of attention today?  How will you remind yourself to stay present.  Too often, we live in the past and future instead of the here and now.  A little focus and a small small can change your whole outlook!


  1. Very good way to remember these things. Hmmmmm. I must find my "pebble."

  2. I found your blog through Click It Up A Notch. I really like this post. I am reading Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" and sometimes I forget the passage for the day until the day is done. I'll try this pebble idea, and maybe I will be more successful. Thanks for the post!

  3. Thanks guys! It has actually been helping me out staying in the present moment. It is definitely a struggle as I catch my mind all over the place.